Widow wants ban on drivers' texting

SPLENDORA, TX Lori is spending her first Christmas without her husband of 23 years.

"Every aspect of my life has changed," she said. "Nothing will be the same."

In March, Lori's husband Doug was hit and killed in Porter by a driver who was texting just moments before the crash. She says her husband was the victim of a distracted driver.

Lori said, "You have to be aware at all times. Motorcyclists are small. They're easily not seen. So texting, looking at your phone, any distraction makes it that much harder for you not to see the motorcyclist."

The driver pled guilty to criminal negligent homicide and is currently in jail. But Lori would like to take things a step further. A state wide ban on texting while driving in school zones is already in effect. Lori would like to see it extended to all drivers. That's an idea many people we talked to didn't seem to mind.

Driver John Kennedy said, "When it infringes upon someone else's safety, I think something has to be done in that case."

While a smattering of cities have banned texting while driving outright there is no state law in Texas right now. Some drivers admitted, even if there is a law, enforcement would be difficult.

"I don't think they should ban it because everybody is going to do it," said driver Fidel Garcia. "It's just like any other distraction, whether you're punching in your GPS or tuning in your radio or doing something else, you're still looking away."

Currently there is a state wide ban on text messaging while in school zones. That was passed during the most recent legislative session.

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