Mom gives birth on Southwest Airlines flight

DENVER, CO Southwest spokesman Paul Flaningan says Flight 441 was about 100 miles north of Denver Friday when the unidentified woman went into labor. Flaningan says the captain decided to divert to Denver but she started to deliver the baby en route.

A doctor and two nurses on board helped deliver the baby at the back of the plane with the help of flight attendants and an in-flight medical radio service. It was described as being a smooth delivery, performed in the aft galley area.

"You know how these things go. Babies have their own timetable," Southwest spokesperson Beth Hardin said.

Hardin added that a decision to fly during pregnancy is "between a mom and her doctor."

The plane landed at Denver International Airport. The mother and baby were met at the gate by an ambulance and taken to the Medical Center of Aurora, where a spokeswoman says they're doing fine. The father and other children who were on the flight also got off the plane in Denver. The flight continued on to Salt Lake City.

Hardin says this is not the first baby born on a Southwest flight. She says in her 15 years at the airline, there have been at least five or six such sky high deliveries.

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