Officer loses control, slams into light pole

HOUSTON One involved a police car on the southeast side of town. The other turned into a water rescue for a tow truck driver trapped in Keegans Bayou in southwest Houston.

Around 1:30am, an HPD patrol car was headed east on Avenue E and tried to make a left turn on 71st Street near Avenue E, but the officer didn't make it. The roads were slick and the unit hit a wooden electrical police. The officer wasn't seriously hurt.

The tow truck driver the other accident from last night escaped serious injury, as well. He was rescued from atop his truck in Keegan's Bayou. A fire captain says it appears the tow truck driver slid off the road.

"This s an accident," said Houston Fire Department Sr. Captain Curt Williams. "He impacted the pole behind me on my left, which spun him backwards here into the water."

Firefighters took an inflatable boat out to the man and pulled him to safety. The driver was assessed and determined to have mild hypothermia. He was taken to the hospital.

Rescue crews believe speed and the wet roads played a factor in this crash, as well.

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