Car dealership vandalized in midtown

HOUSTON Driving south on the Pearce elevated, it is no coincidence Advantage BMW's new showroom is part of the scenery.

General Manager Steve Beasley said, "You can see right in and see the brand new vehicles."

That was by design.

"It gives us great visibility from the freeway," Beasley said.

But no one anticipated it would be used against them. Besides Christmas sales, Beasley is now also focused on repairs. After the dealership closed two weekends ago, someone drove by and presumably shot out three windows.

"We haven't found a bullet," Beasley explained. "Fortunately the object only made it through the first pane."

No one was hurt and none of the half a million dollars in BMWs was damaged, but the vandalism is costing big, more than $6,000. The showroom opened just this year. It's solar-powered, green in other ways and intended to help re-vitalize midtown, making the vandalism all the more frustrating.

Beasley said, "With the significant investment we have in the building itself to have a vandal doing this is very disappointing."

Now the dealership is researching surveillance systems and maybe its location once again will be only for show.

"Maybe we won't have to go through this again," Beasley hoped.

The dealership reported this to police and hopes that this won't happen again. The glass is on special order and is expected to be repaired by the weekend.

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