Group's goal: Replace every member of Congress

HOUSTON There's a relatively new political movement that is rapidly gaining momentum as more and more Americans express their dislike of Washington politics. And it was started by Tim Cox, a Texan who lives near Austin, but is earning a national reputation.

"I think the politicians are destroying our country," said Cox, founder of 'GOOOH,' which stands for Get Out of Our House.

It could be Gene Green or Al Green, Pete Olson or Ted Poe.

"The system is broken," said Cox. "The people that are up there, they don't represent you and I."

Even Kevin Brady and Sheila Jackson Lee are no good.

"It's not a personal thing," he said.

He wants all of them out of office.

"It's a plan to replace all 435 members of the United States House of Representatives," said Cox.

That plan is called GOOOH.

"A very simple way that we can take the money and the parties out of the system and put accountability back in," he told us.

Cox wants people to sign up at his web site, fill out a questionnaire and become a member for free. Once he hits 500,000 members, he'll ask for $100 donations. From that pool of people and with that money, GOOOH will offer a two-term limited candidate in every district in every state.

"We want everybody in the country to not only run for Congress, but even if you don't want to do that, participate in this process and help choose who the candidate would be in your district," he said.

The non-partisan, anti-politician group was a draw for Sugar Land resident Mark Hall. He's fed up with Congress.

"If GOOOH candidates can control the House of Representatives, then that's the first phase in turning this country around to the way our founding father intended it to be," said Cox.

And believe it or not, they may a shot.

"It's a unique idea," said KTRK Political Analyst Dr. Richard Murray.

Dr. Murray says the ease of Internet communication and today's political climate could sow the seeds of success for any true grassroots effort.

"We had a poll a few months ago that showed only 47 percent of voters now identify up front with the Democrat or Republican party, which means a lot of people have pulled back from a partisan identification," said Dr. Murray.

Cox has written a book about his plan, tours the country speaking about it, and hopes that his goal of turning over Congress ultimately gets a green light from voters. Cox says the group has 100,000 members in all 50 states. The most active are political battlegrounds Ohio, Florida and North Carolina. Texas is the most active state and Houston the most active city, with more than 2,500 members.

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