Boy, 2, drowns after wandering off

HOUSTON Houston police say they believe this was a terrible accident that occurred Sunday afternoon at a truck storage and maintenance shop off Cook Road. They say three men who work at the shop came to the location around 8am to work on some of the 18 wheelers. Later in the day, they were joined by their wives and children who arrived to cook for them. There were several children present.

During the cookout, the two-year-old wandered away from his parents and disappeared. It was noticed almost immediately that he was missing and a frantic search began. Authorities believe the boy, named Joseph, was missing for about 20 minutes before a relative discovered him face down in a small pond at the back of the property.

The boy's father rushed him to an area fire station where CPR was performed. He was then taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police are calling this an accident, and saying they don't believe any foul play was involved.

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