Holiday wish: Justice for woman's death

HOUSTON "She had this energy about her that radiated," said friend Lisa Battles.

For more than nine months, those closest to de Jesus have had to live their lives without her.

"Susie, she was very near and dear, just friends," said Battles.

Battles now cares for de Jesus' dog that was left behind, a reminder of her dear friend she treasures. De Jesus went missing while leaving work at a Pearland clothing shop in early February. Hundreds of volunteers joined police for weeks in the search for de Jesus. In March, investigators were led to her body by one of the suspects. She was found in a semi trailer near Reliant Stadium.

Both suspects charged in the case are in the Brazoria County Jail. Nicholas Michael Jean is accused of forcing de Jesus into her car, kidnapping and shooting her. He is now charged with capital murder.

"To what good is it to kill someone over a stupid car," said Battles.

His bond is more than one and a half million dollars. Wallace Charles Ledet is charged with aggravated kidnapping, bit has a much lower bond of $250,000.

"There's the possibility that he might be out to spend it with his family," said Battles. "Susana is not here to spend it with us."

Since the arrests, public attention on the case has somewhat faded. A gag order has prevented many of the parties involved from talking about it, but Battles wants to make sure no one forgets.

"Senseless, useless death of a beautiful, beautiful person and leaving their her family just sister-less, aunt-less, daughter-less," she said.

And since de Jesus no longer has a voice, Battles says she's speaking for her.

"I hope that her killers are brought to justice," she said. "That's my main prayer for this Thanksgiving and Christmas season."

The trials for both men accused in de Jesus' death are scheduled to start in April in Brazoria County.

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