Church gives out free money

HUMBLE, TX This Sunday many parishioners will be walking out with an envelope in their hands. Their assignment sounds pretty simple. Take the money inside and use the money to do good deeds. It's a little idea the pastors believe can have a big impact on the community.

Imagine what would happen if you showed up to church and your pastor gave you a cash-filled envelope and a mission.

Pastor Chuck Colegrove of Grace Church of Humble said, "We want to take the money and we want to give it somebody."

That's what Pastor Colegrove plans to do this Sunday, handing out a total of $22,000 for his congregation to perform random acts of kindness. The twist? Each envelope passed out at the Grace Church of Humble will hold a different amount. Some members will get $6 and others may get as much as $500.

"We just want to stimulate some generosity in our community," said Pastor Colegrove.

And to help create a buzz, all of the money will be doled out in rare two dollar bills.

Pastor Colegrove predicted, "It's going to be noticeable when it hits circulation out here."

But what would you do with the money??

Samantha Cordova said, "I would spend the money on my family for the holidays."

"Throw a big party for the veterans," Craig Joubert said.

Payara Cropper said, "I'd probably give it to someone who was on the street."

"Try to get them some food and warm clothes and blankets, for sure," said Graciela Amaya.

The church has even created its own website, The Need to Seed, for members to share their stories of generosity.

Lisa Joubert said, "Sometimes, we forget. We're busy working, working, working. And we forget about other people."

Amaya said, "It would definitely bring back the Christmas cheer and the holiday season."

That is exactly what Pastor Colegrove is hoping for.

"Just turn it into the season of giving," he said.

If you get a $2 bill or a free cup of coffee during the next couple o fweeks you may be a recipient of the church's generosity. They ask you to keep that in mind, and do an act of kindness of your own.

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