Woman shares swine flu story

HOUSTON Megan Dillon, 27, didn't worry when she got sick. Her eight-year-old had already been sick for a week and had gotten well. But after two weeks when Megan continued to be ill and had trouble breathing, she went to the emergency room at Christus St. John Hospital in Clear Lake.

"They had put me on some medicine," said Megan, who said her temperature at one point got up to 106 degrees. "I wasn't awake at all when they put me in the bed."

"I also told her that based on how sick she was, and the way the X-ray looked, that probably wouldn't be the only thing that would happen," said Dr. Luigi Terminella with Christus St. John Hospital. "We would actually have to do a different type of ventilation support, which was change your position in the bed to upside down in a special kind of bed, which hopefully helped bring her oxygen level up."

Megan was put in the bed for 20 hours per day, and doctors say that helped because it cleared the fluid in the back of her lungs.

Tamiflu didn't work for her, so they gave her a drug called Peramivir, which has proven effective for treating swine flu.

Megan went home a couple of weeks ago. She stayed in the hospital nearly a month. She says what she learned from this is that she shouldn't have waited two weeks before seeking medical help.

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