'Pancho Claus' released from hospital

The man known as 'Pancho Claus', had to spend several days in the hospital following a heart attack.

November 24, 2009 8:36:38 AM PST
Zoot-suit wearing "Pancho Claus" has been discharged from a Houston hospital after treatment for an apparent heart attack. Actor Richard Reyes says he hopes to take part as planned in Houston's annual Thanksgiving parade.

Reyes, who says he feels "pretty good" after the heart attack, was released Monday from a hospital, where he spent the weekend after becoming ill.

Reyes, known for his swing band and lowrider vehicles, for more than two decades has appeared as a cool Santa Claus with a Hispanic flair.

He's known in the Houston area for his art and education efforts, especially mentoring troubled youths.