New clues in teen's disappearance

HOUSTON The last time Jose Rodriguez heard his daughter's voice, he says 14-year-old Nereyda was crying on the phone, saying she wanted to come home. But then suddenly, someone took the phone away, he says, and the line went dead.

Nereyda's parents and police suspect the young girl ran away last March with a man she met on the internet. Her parents put up fliers everywhere they thought Neredya might go, but eight months later, she is still missing. And now there's evidence she may be held against her will.

A volunteer with the Laura Recovery Center, Priscilla Navarro, helped the Rodriguez family track down new pictures of Nereyda.

"Told her parents, told her mom, that they were never gonna see her because he didn't want to go to jail," said Navarro.

Navarro says she also found someone who remembers seeing Nereyda being physically dragged into an apartment in Pasadena. It's the kind of frustrating find she wished police and the community were making.

"If it was a rich white kid from River Oaks, they would be really looking because I've seen it," said Navarro. "I've seen it happen."

A Houston police spokesperson could not confirm where the investigation is at this point and refused to comment on the claim race has anything to with its effort to find any missing child.

Rodriguez says he just wants to know his daughter is safe. But his instinct tells him she's not. And he is desperate.

"Now the holidays are coming up," said Navarro. "They're about to spend Thanksgiving for the first time without their daughter, and Christmas, and that's a horrible feeling."

Navarro, coincidentally, had her 14-year-old daughter go missing for a week last year after she also met a man on the internet. It's the reason she says she feels so connected to the Rodriguez case, and also so frustrated by it.

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