Armored car guard shot during robbery

HOUSTON Investigators say the armored car stopped at a check cashing store on Gessner and Sands Point Saturday morning and soon after that, the shooting started.

The shooting happened just after 10:30am. Customers at the busy shopping plaza were forced to drop to the ground as the bullets went flying. One employee at the check cashing store recalls the terrifying scene.

"I just heard gunshots," said employee Jasmin Mazariegos. "I saw everybody. I was actually with a customer and I saw everybody ducking down."

Investigators say the Loomis armored truck guard who was shot had just done a spot check of the store when he went back to the armored truck to get the cash. As he walked to the door, that's when they say the two suspects opened fire in the parking lot, striking the man at least once behind his leg.

Investigators say one of the suspects fired a long rifle, the other a handgun, neither apparently having any regard for the guard's life.

"They didn't even attempt to rob without violence," said Shauna Dunlap with the FBI. "They shot their weapons first and then took the money."

The suspects would get away with a bag full of money, we're told, that was in the thousands, leaving behind several vehicles riddles with gunshots, including one woman's van, who had left her kids in her car while she was cashing a check.

"It was something terrible to know my kids were outside," she said. "You can imagine my fright."

Investigators say the suspects may have been working with at least one other suspect who was driving the getaway vehicle. And now, the FBI is reviewing surveillance video of the scene, hoping to get these dangerous men off the street.

"For five years, nothing has happened at the store and now it did," said Mazariegos. "It was just crazy."

The suspects are described as having dark complexions, with dark-colored masks and head coverings. The vehicle they were last seen in is a silver four-door sedan, possibly a Chevy Malibu.

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