Daughter arrested in dad's murder-for-hire case

KATY /*Catherine Shamp*/ is charged with solicitation of capital murder. Prosecutors say she asked her daughter's ex-boyfriend to kill her husband David and said she'd pay him with the insurance money she'd collect after the murder.

On Friday, investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's office homicide unit determined that 18-year-old Ashley Shamp was aware and involved in the planning of her father's murder. They say Ashley would send text messages about her father's pending murder, and even text messaged the alleged hit man with the amount to be paid upon her father's killing.

Prosecutors say Catherine decided a home invasion would be the best method.

Assistant District Attorney Kari Allen said, "She talked about that if she was present, she would allow herself to be beaten up so that it would look like she wasn't involved."

Prosecutors consider Catherine a flight risk so a judge raised her bond to $75,000. Ashley is charged with solicitation of capital murder.

Catherine's attorney says it's all a big misunderstanding and that she was set up.

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