Police: Foreman's daughter slams car into business

HOUSTON Freeda George Foreman, one of George Foreman's daughters, wasn't hurt when deputies say she crashed her car into a local business. But a local business owner claims she caused a lot of damage.

We talked to Guy Stidham, owner of Two Guys Auto Restoration, and he said the problem is not the damage or the accident, but that he was promised the damage would be taken care of, and now no one is returning his phone calls.

"I asked if she had insurance and he said, 'You'll be taken care of because it's George Foreman's daughter,'" said Stidham.

According to an officer's crash report, about 1:30am on November 1, Foreman lost control of her Cadillac CTS at Aldine Westfield and went skidding through the grass, taking out a utility box and slamming into Stidham's business. The damage to the exterior of the shop left his garage door crumpled and the sheet metal panel crushed.

"The initial impact was here," Stidham showed up. "The front end hit here and the rear end went around and impacted there."

And inside, five customers' cars were damaged as the impact shuffled them around the shop. Stidham says the fact that the crash was so violent and it was 1:30 in the morning left him wondering if alcohol was involved.

"She told the officer and the officer relayed to me that she was coming home and was eating cake and that she lost control of her car," said Stidham.

When we asked him what he thought of that excuse, Stidham replied, "I've never eaten cake and lost control of a car."

To make matters worse, Stidham says three weeks later, he has still not heard from George Foreman or his daughter about repairing his shop.

"I would think that with the spotlight being on them as it is, they would be more responsible," said Stidham.

He also told us that he will now start getting bids on the repair work which he says could be anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000.

As for Freeda Foreman, she got two tickets that night, one for failing to maintain insurance and another for failure to maintain a single lane.
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