Can paint-like substance prevent flooding?

HOUSTON But does it work?

"It's almost like putting icing on a cake," said Rick Frank.

When you hear Frank tell of it, his claims about Flood Extinguisher may sound too good to be true.

"A gallon covers about 200 square feet," he said. "It's 100 percent if it's applied properly."

But could a product which goes on like paint really protect your home from flooding?

"You can use this in any situation that you feel you need to protect you house from water," said Frank.

To prove his point, we asked Frank set up a demonstration in his back yard. Using a man-made basin and a door bought at a building supply store, Frank put it the test.

After pouring in about a foot of water, indeed the door did not leak. And when the door was released, water came pouring in.

Frank says the Flood Extinguisher is a patent-pending non-toxic water based mixture. He says after the product dries, which usually takes about 24 hours. It's just as easy to remove. He's even made a similar product to protect glass from shattering in a storm.

We shared the concept with Paul Aguilar, whose home over the years has seen two feet of water. While impressed, he does have his questions.

"I think it would help, but hold up to it, I have to see it," said Aguilar.

And Aguilar is not alone. Richard Ash works for a company that does flood mitigation.

"Roofs do good jobs of keep water out when it rains, but I don't know anything that does a better job than that," said Ash.

Frank admits the Flood Extinguisher may not for every situation.

"It depends on what your idea of flood protection is," he said.

But he does stand by the product.

"Don't like the way it applies or you don't like the way it protects? Simply send it back and get a complete refund," he said.

And for Aguilar, that is something he's willing, at least, to investigate.

"If it saves me from having to tear down and do all over again, it would be something I need to check into," he told us.

We made several calls to insurance companies, as well as some college professors, to get their take on this product, but none would comment. The Flood Extinguisher comes in blue and clear and costs $139 for a one-gallon kit. To learn more about the Flood Extinguisher, visit the company's website.

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