Police need help tracking down a killer

HOUSTON Investigators are turning to the public for help. They say in this case they have no motive, no suspect description and they are still trying to find the victim's family.

Neighbors at the Landmark Apartment complex are still trying to grasp what happened to their neighbor Saturday afternoon.

"It's a sad. It's four spaces away from where I park my vehicle," said one neighbor Jan Marie Erickson.

Investigators have little information. What they do know is the 79-year-old female victim is seen on surveillance going in and leaving a nearby grocery. Detectives say everything appeared normal, but after she arrived at her apartment to unload and she was shot and killed.

"The robbery does not appear to be a motive as our investigators found her wallet, her belongings still there, the car wasn't taken, the groceries were still on the ground. So we really don't know what happened in this case," said Christina Garza of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

One neighbor, who asked that we not use her real name, believes the same suspect approached her less than an hour before.

"He said, 'Do you mind if I help you put some groceries away?' And I said, 'No, no, my husband will help me get the rest, but thank you,'" said a witness.

Deputies are asking for information on the suspect and they have not been able to find the victim's family.

"We really want the public's help on this one. If they saw anyone or know of anything to please call," said Garza.

Those who live in this typically quiet neighborhood say they are anxious for investigators to find more answers.

"For a random act that was done, I hope somebody finds him and does the same thing to him. That's all I can say," said Erickson.

Investigators are looking for anyone who might know anything about the crime, the suspect or the victim.

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