Moms helping in the fight against crime

HOUSTON We learned Friday that a woman believed to be an accomplice in the kick-in burglaries was arrested, though the prime suspect remains on the loose. It's welcome news to homeowners there who've been living in fear.

There was a time when a group of Westbury moms felt safe being at home during the day, but that sense of security has since been taken away.

"It's general outrage from the moms," said resident Jennifer McCleskey.

McCleskey's outrage stems from someone kicking in her neighbor's front door, ransacking the place and stealing a bunch of valuables. What's more, it wasn't an isolated incident.

"He had gone from knocking to looking in the windows to checking the mail and kicking the door," said resident Jennifer Jordan. "By the time I got my neighbor on the phone, it was that fast. I said, 'I'm watching someone rob your house.'"

It was another kick-in burglary, again in the Westbury neighborhood and in broad daylight. Homeowners were shocked to find out there were up to four in just one day.

"They were hitting the Westbury area and also a little bit south of Braeswood," said Captain Mark Fougerousse with the Houston Police Department.

While police may be able to solve several cases with Friday's arrest, they say residents must remain vigilant.

"The best way for our units to be able to catch a burglar is to get that call from a citizen that sees something suspicious and calls us to check it out," said Fougerousse.

It's a message the moms of Westbury take seriously. They've banded together, communicating through social networking sites and email, constantly staying in contact with each other.

"Westbury isn't going to stand for it," said McCleskey. "We're not going to sit here and let our homes be invaded and have our safety be in jeopardy. We're not going to stand for it."

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