"New Moon" stars in Houston

HOUSTON It's not even in theaters yet but fans are already howling over "New Moon."

Fan Katelyn Moody said, "It's fiction, but it makes you feel like it's real."

The film is the sequel to the blockbuster "Twilight," based on the New York Time's bestselling book series by Stephanie Meyer. Two New Moon actors Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon are in Houston to sign autographs and pose for pictures with some ecstatic fans.

"I am really excited and I even have the tickets for the New Moon midnight premiere," said fan Shelby Lee. "I'm so excited!"

This time, protagonist Bella gets her heart broken, and her life is in danger. The wolf pack, which includes Meraz and Gordon, must protect her.

Meraz explained, "Our sole purpose is to pretty much to protect, and destroy vampires in the fantasy world that Stephanie created."

The 24-year-old actor landed the role of "Paul."

"He's like the edgy bad-boy of the group," Meraz told Eyewitness News. "Getting into the role, I mean I was really nervous auditioning. I just knew, like, I was stepping into a hot skillet."

Meraz says the film's story line is relatable for fans of all ages, but especially teens.

"I call it his puberty," he said. "He's going through these growths, getting hair where he never knew he was going to get any, as he's slowly transforming into a wolf."

For Gordon, who plays "Embry," meeting the fans is surreal.

"They love me without even knowing me," he said. "It's pretty cool."

This is the 19-year-old's acting debut. Gordon was discovered by the series creator at a Phoenix area church.

"I grew up on my reservation in the Grand Canyon," Gordon said.

A Native American of the Hualapai Indian tribe, Kiowa's name means "the courageous one." He says he was destined to play a wolf.

He said, "The courageous one, just like the wolves!"

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