Who's supporting whom in the runoff?

HOUSTON Former Houston mayoral candidate Peter Brown endorsed Annise Parker in the runoff election. You'll recall Brown came in third in last week's race. Parker and Locke are facing off in the December 12 runoff election.

For her part, Parker said she did not promise Brown a job for his endorsement.

"The only thing Mr. Brown asked for is the ability to stay engaged and to be allowed to work with me on the community issues he cares about," she said.

KTRK political analyst Dr. Richard Murray calls that the endorsement from Brown, saying there is more overlapping support between her and Brown than mayoral contender Gene Locke.

Overall, though, Murray says endorsements typically have a marginal impact, if any.

"Endorsements are generally overrated. This one might make some modest difference," said Dr. Murray. "But most of the African-American voters that supported Peter Brown will likely gravitate to Gene Locke and most of the white Democrats and moderate voters that supported Peter Brown will likely gravitate to Annise Parker."

Gene Locke got the nod from three prominent ministers -- Reverends Bill Lawson, DZ Cofield and Jimmy Dixon -- at a press conference later Tuesday.

"It's no secret we have been friends for a long time," Locke said. "We care about this city. We care about what's going on in the inner city. We care about what's going on inside the Loop, and we care about what's going on outside the Loop."

Parker and Locke defeated Brown in the general election to reach the runoff. In the runoff, Parker is touting her finance know-how in the runoff. Locke has some big name endorsements and is stressing his leadership abilities.

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