Mysterious body found at airport

HOUSTON The woman's body was discovered late Monday night. While there are no obvious signs of trauma to her body, authorities do want to know why she was in the back seat of a vehicle that was parked inside the Terminal D parking garage at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

As airport traffic comes and goes, HPD homicide detectives are trying to figure out why a 41-year-old woman never left a parking garage.

"That's kind of a strange situation, disquieting at the least," said traveler Allan Brooks.

Houston police say at about 10:30pm Monday a garage maintenance employee noticed a foul odor coming from a Ford Focus and called police.

John Cannon with the Houston Police Department said, "They further investigate and focus in on a vehicle and see inside the vehicle in the back seat what appears to be a body."

The vehicle was in Terminal D parking on level 5, section F6. Investigators say a parking ticket found inside was dated October 7. But the body only shows decomposition of about three days, not the month her parking ticket indicates.

Travelers parking on the same level are sure what to make of it.

"Make me think twice about whether I want to park up here or not," said traveler Karen Samuels.

Though homicide is investigating, police do point out there were no signs of foul play in or outside the vehicle and no obvious signs of trauma to her body. But they do want to know why she was not in the driver's seat.

"That's the only area of concern for us, is it's someone found in the back seat as opposed the front seat," Cannon explained.

Investigators say they did find an ID at the scene but are waiting for the medical examiner's office to confirm her name and also determine a cause of death.

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