West U. passes full texting ban

November 11, 2009 1:22:47 PM PST
The first city in Texas to ban cell phone use by drivers in school zones may soon have even tougher rules. On Monday night, West University Place City Council took the ban one step further while unanimously passing a proposal to ban texting and internet searches while driving anywhere in the city.

Since West U. placed the cell phone bans, state legislators have followed suit and now it is a statewide law. On Monday, the city council considered making it a wider effort across West U. Place.

The proposal bans texting, surfing the internet, and any other functions related to the internet on mobile devices while driving. It was presented by the police chief.

"If city council passes their ordinance to ban texting within the city limits, it's the same thing - if you're caught texting in the city limits while driving, you'll get a citation," Lt. Charles Deily of the West University Police Department said earlier Monday.

After speaking to residents, the proposal seems to have some support.

"Honestly, I think texting while driving is definitely a risk, so I think it's a good idea. I'm guilty of it. We all are," said Kalie Walsh.

The ban will not got into effect until the city council votes on it during a second reading which is scheduled for next weeks. All signs point to the ban passing again at that time.

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