Man charged in death of his grandfather

HOUSTON [ READ IT: Probable cause doc vs. Justin Wayne Parris]

Justin Parris, 22, is being held on a $100,000 bond at the Harris County jail. Investigators say his statements just aren't adding up. On Monday, his attorney requested a full mental evaluation to figure out if he's even competent to stand trial.

The details surrounding the death of Johnnie Gonzales-Morales, 81, are so disturbing, his family members couldn't bring themselves to talk about it. To make matters worse, Gonzales' grandson, Justin Parris, has been charged in his murder.

"He says he didn't do it. The state has to prove their case so they have to get their information and we're working on getting our information," Lori Gooch, Parris' attorney.

Investigators say Parris, who relatives say is mentally ill, fatally stabbed Gonzales with a knife. His 12-year-old sister made the shocking discovery and called 911.

"He was supposed to pick her up at the bus stop. When he didn't, she called home and spoke with the defendant and then eventually came home and did find the complainant's body," said Donna Hawkins of the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Gonzales' body was covered with a blanket and according to court documents, the 12-year-old yelled at her brother, "What did you do to grandpa?" Parris told her nothing.

Police arrived only to find, "the male's head had been completely severed from the body."

Investigators say when they questioned Parris he stated "he didn't remember and that he didn't want to talk about it." Upon further investigation, they found a pair of hedge clippers with blood on them in the garage.

Parris is due back in court in December. Prosecutors have yet to talk to Gonzales' family to see how they want to proceed with this case.

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