Suspect shot during struggle with cop

November 9, 2009 1:52:34 PM PST
Shots were fired overnight after a Houston police officer got into a struggle over a gun with a suspected burglar.It happened around 12:30am on Imperial Valley at Seminar in north Houston. The whole thing started when an officer responded to a burglary call.

The officer finished the report and was leaving when he apparently spotted a man who fit the description of the burglary suspect walking down the street. When the officer approached the man, he says the suspect reached for something under his shirt, pulling out a pistol. The officer drew his weapon.

At this point, the officer was close to the suspect so he grabbed the suspect's pistol. The two struggled over the weapon and at some point, the officer's gun went off once.

Police say the suspect was able to grab the officer's gun and run away.

"They did search for approximately two hours," said said Houston Police Department PIO Kese Smith. "The suspect has not been found. We believe he has been shot and is on foot."

HPD recovered both the officer's and the suspect's weapons, which were apparently dropped when the suspect fled from police. HPD set up a perimeter and searched with K-9 units and choppers, but have not been able to find the suspect.

Right now, police are monitoring all hospitals in case the suspect shows up there.

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