School's not helping find burglar, family says

HOUSTON Katie King is a senior at Atascocita High School. She said that during gym class, someone stole keys out of her purse inside the girl's locker room. While students do have lockers, Katy said they are small.

"I have a very big purse and (the lockers) are small," she said. "So you're just left with nothing to do with your purse, your backpack, your personal belongings or anything."

She said it's common for students to leave their personal belongings out in the open inside the locker room. But this time, something uncommon happened.

"They know her purse, they know her keys, they know her home," said Harris County Assistant Chief Woody Mitchell.

The crime extended to Katie's house.

"I noticed there was an earring on the floor," Katy's mother, Joyce King, said. "And I know I haven't worn this earring in quite some time, so I started looking and I realized there were several valuable pieces of jewelry missing."

Joyce King said she's missing $25,000 worth of jewelry, including a wedding ring.

"It has 68 diamonds around it, and a 2-carat (stone) in the center," she said.

Joyce said she thinks the school isn't properly investigating.

"They haven't even questioned the kids in the classroom," she said. "In that particular class, they haven't asked if anybody saw anything or if anybody knows anything."

This leaves Katie King wondering which of her friends could commit such a hateful crime.

"It's a scary thought that one of your friends could do that to you," she said.

A spokeswoman for the school said that by not locking up personal belongings in lockers, students assume the risk of having those items stolen.

Deputies are following a new lead in this case -- fingerprints in the King's home. They are just waiting for the results to get back.

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