H1N1 vaccine arrives for pregnant women

HOUSTON [SWINE FLU: Symptoms, questions and answers and more]

The Centers for Disease Control, their doctors and the news media did a good job telling pregnant women they needed to get the swine flu vaccine, but then they couldn't find it. That frustrating situation is turning around in Houston as Baylor obstetricians finally received the vaccine and starting giving it to their pregnant patients Thursday morning.

Finally pregnant women in Houston are getting the H1N1 vaccine. Julie Ledet is expecting her baby in early January and she has been waiting and worrying.

"I just got lucky, came in today and they had the vaccine. I was definitely gonna get it because I have a seven year old in the house and second graders bring home any and all germs and I'll have a newborn right in flu season," said Ledet.

LaRhonda Sparks is expecting triplets.

"I'm worried about the shot, but if it'll make the baby safer I'll do whatever the doctors say I have to do," said Sparks.

She may have been worried about the shot, but was glad for the chance to protect her triplets who are due in December.

Another pregnant patient, Amy Cassidy, said, "I'm not due until March so I'll be pregnant through the whole flu season and I was really worried about that."

These women are among the first to get the H1N1 shot when Baylor obstetricians received their first 150 doses of their vaccine order. Not enough but a good start.

"We're thrilled to finally get this vaccine. It's been a long time in coming," said Dr. Todd Ivey.

He said they told their pregnant patients to get the vaccine and then it didn't come. Everyone was understandably frustrated.

"We looked at patients, we're sorry we've ordered it ordered it. And ordered it," said Dr. Ivey.

They expect another 100 doses next week to cover more OB and high-risk patients.

For these women Thursday who were among the first to get the H1N1 shot, it was a huge relief.

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