War of words between 2 mayoral candidates

HOUSTON Four front-running candidates are starting a final push for the office. But Gene Locke and Peter Brown are making a lot of noise, taking on each other with their campaign ads.

There is an ad running on local radio stations that seems to be at the heart of this battle. One of Locke's supporters, Reverend Jew Don Boney, Jr., says in a Locke ad that Peter Brown is spending millions of dollars in this mayor's race. He goes on to say that 'our community is not for sale.'

Now those words have stirred up the Brown campaign, which held a news conference this afternoon with supporters, many of them pastors, leaders of the African-American community. Brown responded with a radio ad called, 'That's Why,' touting his own record.

Sunday afternoon, Locke's campaign followed up with a news conference.

"The reason why I'm insulted is because those individuals are saying that the black community cannot make decisions on their own," said Brown supporter Jarvis Johnson. "That the leadership is so short-sided that it needs the pennies of a politician to make their minds up, and I say that is certainly unfair and it certainly is insulting."

"What I said was our community cannot be bought," said Rev. Don Boney. "What I said was that Peter Brown is trying to spend, is spending millions upon millions of dollars in this race because he doesn't have a record. I was very clear. He does not have a record of service to our community."

Both the Brown and the Locke campaigns kept going back and forth Sunday afternoon.

Brown and Locke are up against Annise Parker and Roy Morales for the mayoral seat.

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