Crime can happen to anyone

HOUSTON The news came as a big surprise to say the least, a bold thief targeting the head of the sheriff's department.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia lives in a quiet and modest north side neighborhood. Thursday night in the front driveway, someone stole the two driver's side wheels of the sheriff's county issue black Chevy Tahoe.

"The sheriff was at home. He discovered it himself this morning about 6am when he was trying to pull the vehicle out of the driveway in order to let his wife's car come out and that's when he realized two wheels were missing," said Harris County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson Christine Garza.

Since the Tahoe is county property, county investigators are handling the case. No one was injured and no other property was stolen or damaged. Sheriff Garcia declined requests for interviews on this case. The sheriff's spokesperson says the case is not being given special treatment.

"It's being treated as a theft of county property," said Garza. "It's a county vehicle. It's county equipment. Again, computers are county equipment, desks, chairs and so it's being treated as a theft of county equipment.

Meanwhile, the sheriff's north side neighbors say they are always on alert for crime and realize crime can happen anywhere, even at the sheriff's own home.

"We don't go out after dark by ourselves," said neighbor Angie Garcia. "We have two lights. We leave them on all the time because we know there's crime all over."

We're told about $1,600 worth of damage was done to the vehicle. It's been repaired. Anyone with information in this case is being asked to call the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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