Scary morning for brother and sister

HUMBLE, TX Those students, a brother and sister, are talking about what happened.

Allen and Isamar Garcia had quite a story to tell Tuesday at school.

"He told me, 'Give me everything or I'll shoot you,'" said Allen.

The brother and sister are now home safe, but early Tuesday morning as they waited for their school bus just a block away from their home, Allen had a gun in his ribs as a man in a ski mask demanded their backpacks.

"He's just like, 'Don't move. Don't do nothing or I'll shoot you,'" said Isamar.

Though Allen considered fighting back, the two Humble High School sophomores ultimately complied.

"It wasn't just me," said Allen. "It was my little sister. I was afraid something would happen to her."

The man got away. Humble ISD alerted parents to the incident via text message. And people arriving home from work Tuesday were surprised their quiet neighborhood was a crime scene.

"It's unfortunate it's come to the point little kids are not safe," said neighbor Shaneaqui Adamas.

But the siblings still went to school, even without their homework.

"Why would he want my homework?" wondered Isamar.

The robber also took their mp3 player, wallet and gym clothes. The teens feel blessed, but worry the next victim may not be so lucky.

"What will happen to someone with more expensive stuff they don't want to give up?" asked Allen.

Eyewitnesses say the robber was driving a black Dodge Magnum. The district wants all bus riders to be alert and parents tell us after what happened, they plan to walk with their children to the bus stop and waiting with them.

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