Post office refusing to deliver mail

HOUSTON They live along Springmont between Campbell and Blalock. The U.S. Postal Service says the dogs from a home on Spring Meadow attacked a 72-year-old letter carrier in September.

The dog which bit the carrier was seized by the city and quarantined for ten days before being released to its owner. Authorities say the animal jumped a fence and attacked a different letter carrier September 30.

"In 15 years that we've had pets, we've never had but these two incidents," said owner Steven Rossi.

After the first attack, mail delivery to Rossi and his family's home was suspended. After the second, it was halted at that property and the six closest to it.

"They never really gave me any explanation other than they just cut it off," said resident James Reyna.

Neighbors say they didn't find out about that until they noticed empty mail boxes day after day and began asking.

"When they don't give me my mail for a week, and they didn't give me any notification that they're doing that, it's kind aggravating," said resident Jason Baxter.

They say it's just not right to punish them for the actions of someone else's dog.

"It's wrong, against the law I think," said Baxter. "I'm not sure, but I think it would be. "

Baxter says they were finally told mail would only be delivered if they put up a mail box near the street, which he did or if they rented a P.O. box, like Reyna agreed to do. With bills he needs to receive, he felt there was no other choice.

For its part, the postal service says it won't deliver mail to the seven homes on the street, so they can assure its carriers can be safe.

"Our primary goal is to deliver mail. That's what we want to do," said Dionne Montague with the U.S. Postal Service. "But we have to keep our employees' safety first."

Animal Control officials say the owner of the dogs was not cited, that their officers have never seen the dogs running loose. The owner did have to pay several hundred dollars to reclaim the animals. Just when mail service will be restored is still is up to the U.S. postal service, and as of now, they say they don't have an answer for that.

It's worth noting that both mail carriers ended up in the hospital after the bites. One still has not returned to work.

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