Homeowner shoots would-be burglar

HOUSTON It happened on James and Cochran around 2:15am. The homeowner says he fired on the suspect to protect his property.

"We get robbed here all the time, we're used to it living in this neighborhood," said a frustrated homeowner who didn't want to be identified.

Frustrated that he and his neighbors were being repeatedly burglarized, one homeowner made a last minute decision to install a video camera late last night.

"Just wrap it up and so we can catch the guy," said the homeowner.

"You didn't have time to bolt it down, we asked.

"No chance to screw it on or nothing," he said.

Less than three hours later, the camera captured images of a man, allegedly trying to steal something from the front yard. From a neighboring surveillance camera, in the video you can see the burglar running away, just moments after the homeowner opened fire.

"I shot him, but I shot him on his foot. I didn't want to shoot him in the chest or head or anything, he was five feet away from me, I could have shot him between the eyes but I didn't want to kill him," said the homeowner.

The homeowner has owned his revolver for 40 years. He's never had to fire it, not even once, until early this morning.

One single shot through his bedroom window and the suspect was still able to run away but he didn't' get far. Police found and arrested him just a few blocks down the road. Residents in the neighborhood are now breathing a sigh of relief.

"That's good. I'm glad somebody took care of him," said another homeowner.

The video that was captured from the newly installed surveillance camera are now in the hands of the police. It apparently shows the face of the alleged burglar up close. Investigators have not released the suspect's identity.

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