Custody hearing held after deadly fire

HOUSTON Monday morning's emergency family court hearing was brief. Preshonna White's only surviving child was placed in custody of Harris County CPS. The child's father, Bryant Curry, was also at the hearing.

"Everybody keeps worrying about finding someone to blame," he said. "We need to bury the kids right now. That's the main thing. We need to bury the kids and make sure my little girl is well taken care of."

Curry's two-year-old son, Bravion, died Sunday, trapped in a house fire in southwest Houston. Curry's daughter, six-year-old Briona, survived. A four-year-old child, Javunte White, also died.

All three children shared the same mother, Preshonna White. All three children were in the home when the fire was reported Sunday morning. Two adult relatives were also in the home, however authorities question if they knew the children had been left by their mother.

White told authorities she left at 10pm Saturday to buy cigarettes. Family members now question White's story.

"She should have told my brother that they were in there, because he's not that kind of uncle," said family member Andrea Thomas. "He plays with them. He loves them just as much. We all love them. We all spend time with them."

Her brother, Jamar Segura, was inside the house and made it out safely. He was charged Monday with misdemeanor deadly conduct for allegedly attacking a news photographer.

CPS says there are just too many questions surrounding the mother's actions the day of the fire.

"By her own admission, she uses drugs," said Estella Olguin with CPS. "And also, her stories don't match that she left for just 10 minutes around 10 o'clock, and when she returned the house was on fire. And we know that the fire didn't' start until late, closer to 1 o'clock int eh morning. So there's the time span. We don't know where she really was."

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