Suspect wanted in girl's sex assault

HOUSTON Deputies say the trail has gone cold. Right now, they have no leads in their search for the rapist except for a police sketch. They hope someone recognizes the suspect.

"I think it's horrible," said Terinisha Bonner.

She was home the day her 16-year-old neighbor was raped, and says she saw the girl in tears.

"She just looked like she was distraught, like a young girl who was abused. She wouldn't look out into the crowd. I guess she felt kind of embarrassed, but really shouldn't have been," said Bonner.

Those familiar with the attack say the teen had just gotten off her school bus and walked past a stranger sitting on the stairs to her apartment.

"Once he heard the lock unlock, he ran back up in the house with her," said Bonner.

Fliers based on the victim's description of her attacker began appearing on doors here last week. Now news of the assault is stirring residents' fears over safety.

"It's a little eerie for me. I don't like it. I don't feel safe," said one neighbor.

Harris County deputies say several people have reported seeing this man loitering in the apartment complex shortly before the rape.

Nancy Morena told us her husband was one of them.

"He said he saw the guy when he jumped the fence in the back, he was coming for this building," said Morena.

Renee Ware says she can't recall ever seeing this face.

"I could have seen him. I mean, he looks like anybody," said Ware.

But she told us she has memorized it now to be certain she will recognize the man deputies are looking for should she ever cross his path.

"Now that you have a picture, you're looking at everyone. Seeing if that's the person you've run into," said Ware.

Neighbors told us the girl and family moved out of this apartment complex last week because they didn't feel safe here anymore.

In addition to the rape, neighbors say the family had one of their cars broken into in just the last few weeks.

They say the suspect is an adult male about 5 feet 8 inches with a normal build. He was wearing a white muscle shirt and denim jeans the day of the attack of the attack on September 1.

If you recognize the suspect or have information about his whereabouts, you're asked to contact the HCSO Crimes Against Children Unit at 713-529-4216 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. You can remain anonymous, and there is a cash reward.

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