Texans RB Moats to wear pink shoes, gloves

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Now, the Houston Texans running back is hoping what he went through can help raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screening.

Moats, along with players across the NFL, will wear pink shoes and gloves starting this week as part of the NFL's "Crucial Catch" campaign.

Moats found himself in the middle of a national story this spring when a Dallas police officer stopped him outside a Plano hospital. He had rolled through a red light while trying to get his wife to the hospital in time to see her mother before she died.

Video from a dashboard camera captured the almost 13-minute incident in which the officer pulled his gun and threatened to arrest Moats instead of allowing him inside. That's despite pleas that his mother-in-law was dying.

Moats says his mother-in-law worked to increase awareness about breast cancer during her three-year fight with the disease. He says that and his own experience gives him "the opportunity to show the world who she was and what she was all about and kind of leave a legacy in a way."

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