Residents upset with new larger drain

HOUSTON It's a project the Harris County Flood Control District says will improve drainage in the area, but it has some homeowners downright angry.

Karen Kinchen has lived in the Winchester Country suburb for 27 years.

"I was really surprised," she said.

Kinchen saw crews move in to fix the drain, but what she didn't expect is for it to more than double in size and be moved directly by her property line.

"The kids play here. It's just too close to where they play. They will fall in," Kinchen said.

She isn't the only homeowner upset.

"When come through here, you can leave a small footprint and be gone, or you can come through like a tornado and leave homeowners mad," said resident Stephen Lou. "There is no reason to come up to the property line."

He says in two decades he has never flooded. He's not happy about the proximity to his property.

"They've hit my fence multiple times," said Lou.

Heather Saucier with the Harris County Flood Control District says the size and scope of the project are part of their new standards.

"Part of our job as the flood control district is to maintain the infrastructure that we have," she said. "When the channel is eroding and we have problems with the interceptors, we need to go and address that to make sure they have the best system possible in the event that they do experience an extreme rainfall."

But these homeowners on Green Valley Lane say it's a different story when it's in your own backyard.

"I'm going to have my own creek. It will be huge," said Kinchen.

The homeowners say they hoped by speaking out now maybe they can affect some change before the project is complete. As of right now though, the HCFCD says the project will go on as planned.

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