Huntsville ISD cancels classes for 2 days

HUNTSVILLE, TX According to the Huntsville ISD Assistant Superintendent John DeBrock, Huntsville ISD will be closed on Tuesday, September 29 and Wednesday, September 30 due to high rate of absences. All extracurricular events have also been cancelled.

Eight schools in the Huntsville ISD are being cleaned by crews to try to wipe out the H1N1 virus left behind by sick students. According to the district, the virus may have affected close to 900 students in this district.

Officials said 885 students were absent yesterday. A large majority with flu-like symptoms, some of those were told by their doctors that they tested positive for swine flu, while many were not tested.

Absenteeism has been a problem since last week when as much as 15 percent of the student population was out sick. With the advice of the district's medical officer all age schools are closed now for 48 hours. School officials will then go back and re-evaluate the decision in two days just to be safe.

"The virus lives on surfaces anywhere from 8 to 12 hours so we know the schools will be cleaned -- if nothing else happens and of course we hope the additional cleaning will take care of anything else that is present," said DeBrock. "And then the main thing is giving the kids time to rest and be away from anyone else who is infected so they can fully recover."

As much as 60 percent of the faculty was also affected by flu-like symptoms so they are taking the precautions for the adults as well.

School will resume as planned on Thursday, October 1.

For additional information, check the Huntsville ISD website.

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