Family of Acres Homes murder victim speaks out

HOUSTON Pamela Goss was killed three years ago. Now her family has some strong words for the man accused. We talked to the husband and daughter of the murder victim. Houston police say hers is the only death McWilliams might be charged with, even though they think he's tied to as many as five others in the Acres Homes area. The evidence they say right now just isn't there. In court Thursday morning, a prosecutor painted McWilliams as a violent and controlling monster.

Kimberlyn Goss remembers the night vividly.

"She actually had just left my house," said Kimberlyn.

But she wants to forget the graphic details.

"How many times she was stabbed, it's just hard to think about her last moments," Kimberlyn said.

Her mother, Pamela Goss Dancy, had just left her house in Acres Homes in April of 2006. She said she'd be back the next day. She never returned.

"It's still hard, still hard just to imagine," said Kimberlyn.

She and her father sat down with us for their first interview since Houston police identified Goss Dancy as a victim of the Acres Homes serial killer more than three years ago.

"She was stabbed numerous times and it messed up her face so bad they couldn't open her casket," said Austin Dancy.

They agreed because Thursday morning, LaMarques McWilliams faced a judge for her murder for the first time.

"Semen discovered and forwarded to the FBI and a DNA profile was established," said the prosecutor.

McWilliams has also been charged with five sexual assaults. Police think he's raped as many as 18 more women and is the main suspect in a total of six deaths including Goss Dancy's. For each charge, the prosecutor read graphic details describing how violent he allegedly was.

"He held a long butcher knife in his hand as though he were going to stab the complainant. He told the complainant to get in his vehicle or he would gut her," said the prosecutor.

Kimberlyn hasn't heard all the details.

"I think he's really sick," said Kimberlyn.

She would rather focus on the memories of her mother.

"She was a really kind and mild-mannered person. She had encouraging words for just about anybody," said Kimberlyn.

Both she and her father can forgive, they say, and plan to look McWilliams in the eye one day.

"I don't believe he can ever be rehabilitated, so I don't think he should ever get out," said Kimberlyn.

They vow to be at his trial.

"Not just for my mom, but for all those women so they know that someone cares about them. They were important to somebody," said Kimberlyn.

Police say some of the victims were prostitutes, but Kimberlyn is adamant her mother is not. She and her mother had been together for more than 30 years.

Investigators say DNA has linked McWilliams to the crimes, but his attorney plans to challenge that evidence and says McWilliams is innocent. McWilliams remains in a Harris County jail with a $400,000 bond.

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