Campus lockdown lifted after police investigation

HOUSTON The ruckus happened as the lockdown was lifted from North Forest High School's vocational building. As the students were leaving, several people saw a young man run off from nearby tall grass. Some parents told nearby police who chased after him.

"He was right there, right there in the grass and he ran off," said parent Tonya Charlot. "I can't believe all these police were here and nobody saw him."

Meanwhile, Eyewitness News was the only camera there when three suspects were taken into custody by North Forest ISD police. They are said to be juveniles so we will not show their faces and are believed to be involved in the shooting. Houston police also have taken a 19-year-old man into custody. The arrests happened about 12:30pm and were off campus about four miles away on Guadalupe Street.

At the same time, parents were starting to arrive at North Forest High School eager to get their children. The school had been on lockdown since 9:30am Friday morning when there were reports of a shooting on Mesa Road. At first, authorities believed the suspects ran inside the campus, creating fear among parents.

Parent Carolyn Harris said, "If they're going to have school here, they need to have better security, better something. This isn't good enough. They need to do better than what they're doing."

After a search of the school and after the arrests, the lockdown was lifted and parents were reunited with their children.

"I'm better now that I have her," said parent Allison Marks. "I tell her all the time to pray because you never know what's going to happen at school, so she has to deal with it."

There were no reports of any injuries.

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