Firefighter in center of probe reports to work

HOUSTON The investigation continues into who put the graffiti in the female dorm. Houston firefighter Jane Draycott returned to work early this morning, but not to Station 54, instead reporting today for a 24 hour shift to Station 99. Those were the orders given to her by the Houston fire department.

You'll likely remember Draycott's story from this summer, when she claimed she and a fellow firefighter, Paula Keyes were subjected to racist and sexist graffiti in the Station 54 living quarters and on personal photos. P> Keyes has since gone back to work at a different fire station, but Draycott wanted to return to Station 54. HFD claims, for Draycott's safety, it is best for her to go to a different station temporarily, and her position will be held for her at 54.

Her attorney, Joe Ahmad says that decision sends the wrong message.

"You can't transfer people who complain otherwise the message being sent is the one -- appear retaliation. Why would anybody complain if they know they are going to be shipped off as a result of their own complaint," he said.

Draycott's husband told Eyewitness News that she was a little apprehensive about returning to work today but was at least thankful that Station 99 does have private female dorms.

The city attorney says it is trying to make sure Draycott is being treated as fairly as possible and that her time off has been at the city's expense. There is no timeline right now for completing the investigation.

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