Storms cause quick havoc

KINGWOOD, TX The storm took out a tree at the Kingwood Church of Christ. Unless workers are out in the morning it might mean there will be no playing on the playground at school that's on the other side of the fence. More than anything that's what this storm was -- an inconvenience.

As the last truck left carrying salvaged belongings, we stepped inside the house on Tinechester to see why. The floor is a soggy mess. You can see now all the way through the roof. In some places it's just a shell. Firefighters told the homeowner lightning was to blame.

"It spread so fast," said homeowner Tracy Woodard. "They said it spread through the attic."

The storm was in and out of the Kingwood area fast. The bright flashes made the biggest impression.

"The lightning was an eerie loudness, almost like a crackle," said storm spotter Vernon Reed.

When it was gone, left behind were plenty of broken tree trunks, limbs and rattled nerves. Gridlock took over the streets until city workers showed up to direct traffic. The storm knocked out power to traffic signals at dozens of intersections. Thousands of customers were in the dark, too. CenterPoint soon hit the neighborhoods, but the house on Tinechester will remain dark, as Tracy Woodard's mother decides her next move.

"She unfortunately kind of lost everything," Woodard said. "It's overwhelming."

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