Another fire breaks out in Heights area

HOUSTON This time, flames were spotted inside a garage apartment on Wilken and Beverly. That's several blocks away from 11 other recent fires in the Ashland and West 11th area.

If this is the work of the Heights serial arsonist, it would be fire number 12. That would be a dozen suspicious fires in a month and a half in the Heights. There are a few obvious differences, though, between this fire and the rest.

First of all, this blaze started around 9:20pm. That's much earlier than the others. Most of the other fires were started between 11pm and 3am.

This fire is about 20 blocks away from the other fires, which have been closely concentrated. There has been some indication recently, though, that this arsonist has started to widen the area he's working in and this could be an indication he's gone even farther.

Perhaps most importantly, this was not a vacant house like most that have been set on fire. We understand at least one person lives here but was not home at the time of the fire. Firefighters reportedly had to rescue two dogs from inside the apartment.

The good news is the fire out here was put out quickly and there was no major damage. Arson investigators have not shared their findings yet on this blaze.

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