Teen shot during home invasion

HOUSTON Investigators say four teenagers brazenly tried to break into the home. What they didn't know was that the homeowner was inside. When one suspect tried to climb through a window, that homeowner fired, hitting the teenager. Alice Handy watched as the young man staggered toward the street.

She said, "It's just sad. I'm still thinking about it, because I've never seen anything like this in my life."

That teen was transported to the hospital. Police then quickly arrested two others, but a fourth suspect got away. All this unfolded in front of the eyes of neighbor Michelle Richardson and her family. They were worried that the teens were going to break into their house next.

"I was told by one of our neighbors we were probably targeted next, for something to happen to us," Michelle said. "It's unfortunate, but you cannot go around stealing from people and breaking into people's homes."

This is something that should never have happened, says local pastor and activist James Nash.

"Police are doing their job," Nash said. "But the parents got to do a better job. There was no reason that this kid would be out here in this community doing what he was doing at this particular time of day. We got to do a better job."

Nash says he wants to hold more community meetings to encourage parents to take responsibility for their children and keep them in school. Neighbors say they don't want to see anything like this home invasion happening again, but they're prepared to defend their families.

Neighbor Michael Haynes said, "I have to do what I have to do, if they come to my house, where I live and lay my head. I'm going to do the same thing he does."

At last check, the young man at the hospital was reportedly in critical condition. The two other men arrested have been questioned by detectives. The homeowner had a number of cameras around the home. Police are collecting that video as evidence.

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