Toddler drowns in backyard pond

CHANNELVIEW, TX Rescue workers tried to save the child, but they were not successful.

The family was getting ready to go to church Thursday evening and was distracted while searching for car keys. But it was just long enough for a couple of toddlers to wander into the backyard.

"I'm upset because the baby is not too much older than my grandson," said neighbor Esther Green, who lives just two doors down.

Harris County Sheriff's Office investigators say a one-year-old girl drowned in a small landscaping pond. The family was getting ready to head to church.

"The mom and sister were preoccupied looking for some car keys while straightening up the house," said Detective Cory Pool of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Det. Pool said the girl's two-year-old brother, who was taken away by family later on, was heard screaming at the open back door which brought the mother running over. She ran out into the backyard where she found the girl.

"She was found face down in the backyard pond," said Det. Pool.

CPR was performed and the girl was rushed to a nearby hospital, but later pronounced dead.

Neighbors are still unnerved they won't see the girl playing outside again.

As for any charges, police said they don't think that will be likely, but they are still investigating.

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