Katy residents on edge over 'kick-ins'

KATY, TX It's an old crime that now has some Katy homeowners scared to come to the door when they hear someone knocking. "They kicked right there," said burglary victim Celeste Long.

She was out of town when she got the news.

"About quarter of four in the afternoon, on a busy street, in the middle of the day, they kicked the front door in," said Long.

Luckily the burglars got away empty-handed. But from the inside, you can still see the damage to the door frame.

"The whole rest of the door frame is still intact, but this one piece," said Long.

The same day, the burglars hit at least six other homes in the area.

"Two individuals were going around knocking on doors, nobody answers, they kick the doors in and whatever was available they would grab it. Captain Ray Valenta of Harris County Precinct 5.

Capt. Valenta says the burglaries are centered in two Katy neighborhoods: The Estates at Green Trails and West Memorial. Both subdivisions are off the heavily-trafficked streets of Fry road and Kingsland. In both areas, burglars targeted homes at the subdivision entrances. Homes like Celeste Long's.

"I guess their thinking was that they could just hop onto Fry Road and it would be a pretty easy escape," said Long.

Even with constables patrolling, neighbors are stepping up to keep a close eye on their streets. They say they aren't accustomed to this much action.

"I'm very worried. Very nervous," said Long.

There have been no arrests yet. We do have a vague description of the two men, one with the letter "H" shaved into the side of his hair. Anyone with information on these crimes should contact authorities.

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