Home of HPD chaplain burglarized

HOUSTON Investigators at the Pasadena Police Department say they plan on interviewing a family member who was home at the time of the break-in. That family member did not actually see the intruders. Based on their actions, the chaplain believes he was being targeted in what appears to be a hate crime.

It was broad daylight when an unknown number of intruders broke into HPD Chaplain Monty Montgomery's Pasadena home. The family member who was home at the time told investigators they sounded like juveniles.

Montgomery was working an HPD funeral while it was happening.

"It's something that you never expect and I don't expect it in the area that I live in. It's always very calm and quiet in my Pasadena neighborhood. Nothing like that has ever happened before," said Montgomery.

While they didn't steal anything, according to Montgomery the intruders caused quite a bit of damage. They spent 20 minutes ransacking the home. One of them took Montgomery's police jacket, placed it on a chair and stabbed it in the collar with a butcher knife. The word "pig" was also found carved on a wall.

"I know that my family is shaken up and hurting over this. For me, I pray about it, but don't worry about it as much," said Montgomery.

As Pasadena police continue to investigate, a possible motive remains unclear. Montgomery says although he feels violated, he is able to forgive.

"That's what I'm taught, that's what I believe, that's what my faith says and so I forgive these guys. But certainly I wouldn't want this to happen to anybody else," said Montgomery.

A police source told us that a possible motive for the home invasion might include a gang initiation, but that's just one theory at this point.

Whatever the motive, the home invasion has this Pasadena neighborhood on watch.

"You can hardly believe something like that," said one neighbor.

Residents say it's because their neighborhood is always so quiet. As unsettling as it may be, that neighbor still feels safe.

Montgomery hopes whoever is responsible is brought to justice.

"If anybody hears anybody bragging about this, please contact the Pasadena Police Department or the Houston Police Department," said Montgomery.

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