Rape victim speaks out

HOUSTON Police have also linked McWilliams to the Acres Homes murders, but he is not charged with any crimes yet. McWilliams, 33, is in Harris County jail. Police think DNA evidence will link him to 22 rapes and some of the Acres Homes killings dating back to 2006.

We normally protect the identities of rape victims, but the victim in this case wants to be seen. Portia Allen says she's not afraid of the man who is accused of raping her. She hopes somehow McWilliams sees this story.

"I'm not scared to show my face because I'm not scared of him. I'm not," said Portia. "I want him to look at me and I want him to see the pain in my eyes."

To say that Portia is suffering is an understatement.

"He really has messed me up. He really has," said Portia.

But she's also angry.

"What he did to me, I want to get done to him," Portia said.

She's determined to see that the man who's accused of raping her faces the consequences.

"I will be at every parole hearing and he will never get out. He's going to dry rot in there," said Portia.

Portia's terrifying ordeal began on Kelley and Hirsch in northeast Houston. She was walking home late one night in July when she says LaMarques McWilliams pulled up next to her and forced her into his car at gunpoint.

"He was like, 'Don't you try nothing funny or I'm going to put one in your head,'" Portia said.

Portia says McWilliams took her to a dead end street nearby, used the strings from his restaurant work apron to tie her hands behind her back and raped her.

"I begged him not to do me like that," said Portia.

After holding her for four hours, she says McWilliams let her go. For a month, she heard nothing and then Houston police called wanting her to see a lineup.

"As soon as I seen him, I knew it was him," Portia said.

McWilliams has been charged with raping Portia and also another woman, but they think he's raped as many as 22 women and may even be the Acres Homes serial killer. Forensic evidence, a source says, will be the link.

"I could have been in those same shoes with those women from Acres Homes. That could have been me. That could have been me," said Portia.

She considers herself blessed and vows to not let him win.

"He ain't going to stop me and he's not going to keep me down and I'm not going to let this hold me down. I'm just in a shell right now, but eventually I will come out," Portia said.

When Portia viewed the lineup she says all the men had to say what her attacker said to her early that morning, that if she talked he'd find her and "cut off her hands and feet and feed her to the alligators."

Portia says when she is ready she will see a therapist.

McWilliams is in jail with no bond. He is due in court next on September 25. We'll continue to watch for any charges in the Acres Homes murders.

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