More charges for alleged hit-and-run driver

HOUSTON Robert Norfleet now faces six charges -- three counts of reckless aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and three counts of failure to stop and render aid.

Harris Co Assistant District Attorney Ryan Patrick explained, "The defendant was accused of hitting three students who were getting on their school bus."

Authorities say Norfleet attempted to drive around a stopped school bus Monday morning, plowing into three Jersey Village High School students. Investigators say Norfleet fled the scene, tried to hide the vehicle and that his girlfriend even tried to get it fixed before he was caught. All that, combined with Norfleet's criminal history, led Judge Belinda Hill to more than double his bond, setting it at $250,000.

Court records indicate Norfleet has an extensive criminal history, including what was a pending misdemeanor DWI charge in Harris County. It's been upgraded to a felony now after authorities discovered he has a least two prior DWI convictions, one in 2007 in Harris County and another in Mississippi in 2001.

Authorities didn't have a chance to test Norfleet for drugs or alcohol following the incident with the bus because he allegedly fled. He wasn't arrested until more than 14 hours after the wreck.

Two of the teens injured in the accident are now out of the hospital. A third is still being treated, but he is listed in fair condition.

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