Email controversy taints controller race

HOUSTON The email hit the inboxes of local political players Saturday night. Its content hit two of the three controller candidates, while supporting the third. By Sunday morning, it became a full-blown controversy, as the man whose name is attached to the email says it's all a lie.

Council Member Ronald Green says he's running for city controller on his merits, and his supporters would never send hateful emails. So he was surprised when he saw an email Saturday night.

"There was no other reaction to have other than the fact that it was bogus and offensive," said Ronald Green.

Candidate Green is talking about this email, sent supposedly from lawyer Larry V. Green, which includes the following statement, "Ronald Green is running a tough race against Pam Holm, a member of the Republican Party of George W. Bush who was responsible for James Byrd's dragging, but even worse, M.J Khan, a known Muslim."

The email then continues with other attacks on Khan, who couldn't believe what he read.

"I was just shocked that something like this would happen. I just felt Houstonians wanted to keep politicians in a positive attitude about campaigning," said Khan, a candidate for city controller.

Almost immediately, local lawyer Larry V. Green sent out a statement, vehemently denying any involvement. The statement read in part, "You should know that I, Larry V. Green, did not write this email and would never write such ridiculous propaganda. This email is repulsive and I DID NOT write it and whatever politico did and I find out will be sued." Our political consultant says this kind digital smear campaign shouldn't surprise anyone.

"Dirty tricks are part of politics. It's kind of hard to figure out whose fingerprints are on this kind of stuff," said Dr. Richard Murray, KTRK Political Consultant.

Council Member Pam Holm, also running for city controller, says she can't believe any of the three candidates would have authorized such an email.

As for Ronald Green, he just wants voters to focus on the issues.

"We are who we are. People know where we stand politically, people know our religion, and I think it's just somebody who is trying to muddy the waters and we're not going to stoop that low," said Ronald Green.

All three controller candidates told us they want to keep a civil campaign tone. Larry V. Green told us over the phone that he has filed a police report on this email. In addition, he's hired someone to try and trace the origin of the controversial email.

Read the controversial email below:

Dear Friends,

We hope this email finds you in great health. Our families would like to take a moment to say that we must never forget what happened in New York City on yesterday 8 years ago. Our hearts go out to the families that lost loved ones and to our service men and women who have served our country so valiantly. Here is an excerpt of what happened on that gruesome day.

At about 9 a.m., investment banker Richard Egües, 34, emerged from the downtown 2 subway line to walk toward his office at the World Financial Center. On the street I saw crowds of people looking south. I looked up and saw gaping holes in both towers. As you looked more closely you began to see little things flying down, and then you realized they were bodies of people who had jumped from the building. I saw the somersaults, the floating bodies. It was like they were in slow motion, sort of turning around. You had to think there must have been such total desperation.

An important day is coming up soon: Election Day. We have a group of distinguished candidates. We have one man that has always been in this city's corner. This man we speak of is Councilmember Ronald C. Green; he has served the city well as an At-Large Councilman and a devoted father and businessman.

Ronald has been endorsed by a very diverse group of individuals and groups throughout the city of Houston. He has been endorsed by the Harris County Democrats, Harris County AFL-CIO, Harris County Tejano Democrats, the Houston GLBT Caucus and the Houston Firefighters Union. This race is important because we must continue to capitalize upon the progress made in 2008.

Ronald is running a tough race against Pam Holm, a member of the Republican Party of George W. Bush who was responsible for James Byrd's dragging, but even worse M.J Khan a known Muslim.

This really disturbs us because we must never forget 9/11. Just this year in Buffalo, New York, a Muslim executive beheaded his wife after she filed for divorce.

While we are not saying that he will be head his wife: we are highlighting the fact that he believes in such atrocious activities. Here is an excerpt from the book which MJ worships from: "Believers (Muslims), take neither Jews nor Christians to be your friends….- Sura 5:51

We cannot entrust Houston's finances to MJ Khan. The only safe choice for Controller is Ronald C. Green. Please join our leaders in Going Green for Controller!


Larry Green

in Going Green for Controller!

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