Local students pay tribute to 9/11 victims

September 12, 2009 7:35:36 AM PDT
Hundreds of students at Clements High School in Sugar Land transformed a school hallway into a somber memorial to 9/11 victims. It's a school project focused on how the attacks changed the world we know. "There were so many people there that went in and saved so many people," said Clements' junior Anastasia Wright.

More than 350 students from eight history classes decorated a hallway at Clements. The students each chose a person who died in the terror attacks and profiled them.

"So many innocent, common people who just were doing their jobs died in these terrorist attacks," said Wright.

The kids really got into this assignment, which included writing an original poem.

"I wanted to really honor these people who passed away because of these terror attacks," said Clements' junior Jordan Simon.

Those poems honored how victims' lives would have turned out if they had not died in the terror attacks. The student were eight years old when the attacks happened and one teacher said the project will help them remember how 9/11 changed the world.

"In a few years, the students coming into school will be as foreign to September 11 as they are to World War II, so that's why it's important that we remember the past," said Clements' US history teacher Michael Madden.

Clements High School students turned the same hallway into a memorial for 9/11 victims shortly after the attacks in 2001.

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