Wife's 911 call played in trial

RICHMOND, TX Hill's attorney says she had been the subject of her husband's violent rampages for years. Prosecutors say that's no excuse for murder and that there's more to the story.

A seemingly stoic Charlene Hill listened quietly in court to the sound of her own frantic voice as recorded on a 911 call made in 2006.

Hill: "I think I shot him in the shoulder and then in the side."
Dispatcher: "You shot him?"
Hill: "Yeah."

Hill made the 911 call after allegedly shooting her husband, repeatedly calling Danny Hill's name as if doing so might keep him alive.

Hill: "Danny... Danny... He's looking at me. Danny, hang on."
Dispatcher: "Why don't you tell him that there's an ambulance coming?"
Hill: "There's an ambulance coming."

Prosecutors say Danny Hill had a long history of violence toward his wife, a concession not lost on Hill's attorney who claims self-defense. He says Hill had threatened to kill his wife and some of his family.

"She shot him to stop, not to kill him," explained attorney George Parnham.

But prosecutors insist this case is not what it might seem. About a month before the shooting in their Pecan Grove home, they say Charlene Hill moved a million dollars of money she and her husband had into a bank account only she had access to. And at one time the DA alleges Hill offered to pay someone to kill her husband.

Hill could be sent to prison for life, if convicted.

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