Police: Man exposes himself at Memorial Park

HOUSTON Mother of two Roxanne Lowery pushes her little ones through Memorial Park almost every day. She says the thought of a man exposing himself to runners in Memorial Park disgusts her.

"My heart is beating fast," she said. "I can't imagine my child having seen something like that."

Another jogger was also shaken when we told her about the flasher.

"That's scary," said runner Kelly Jones. "That's really scary!"

She carries her cell phone on her during workouts to stay safe.

"I always have my cell phone no matter what," said Jones. "Because anything could happen, you know?"

Houston Police Department Officer Jay Roberts says cases like these pop up every once in a while.

"Occasionally, we have incidents where single men are sitting along the edge of the trail and get their pleasure out of watching people go by," he said.

But the offenders are tough to catch even with two officers patrolling the park at all times.

"We do a lot of bike patrol and you can go up alongside the vehicle and see when they're doing it," said Officer Roberts. "But they have the advantage. They can see us coming."

Police are warning runners to be aware of your surroundings. Don't wear headphones when you run. If you do, turn the music down so you can hear what's going on around you. Carry a cell phone with you if you can, and try to run with a partner.

"I think it's pretty sad that someone has to get his kicks doing that," said runner Carolyn Bernell.

For Lowery, it's a sad reality that she'll now try to shield her children from during their daily park outings.

"There's a park right across the street, so they can easily have hold of some of the kids who are just out here if their parents just aren't paying attention," she said.

Police say if you see something, report it immediately. Try to get a license plate number and an accurate description of the person, so you can help them to catch the offender.

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